Painting murals is something I really enjoy and
I love to bring a room alive with a special creation!

I've painted underwater worlds, rain forests, characters (Spiderman, Pooh, Nemo) plus the Hawaii islands among other things. Your imagination is the only limit as to where you can travel with your specially designed space!

Whether a mural is for a home or a business you can be assured that only the best quality materials are used and a professional image will be produced. Once dry each image
is water resistant and washable; allowing them to be created anywhere whether it is in a bedroom, bathroom,
kitchen or outdoors.

Murals are not just for kids; no mural is too small or too big.
All four walls in a room can become part of the creation; or just a few magical  touches can be added to a wall. Let us transform your child's room, game room, office space, waiting room, daycare center, pet store, veterinarian's office, etc ...
into a unique new world!

Depending on size and detail of the mural it can take
anywhere from several hours to several weeks to complete.
We are flexible and will attempt to work around
your schedule as much as possible.

Your mural will be a unique experience designed just for you! You can  preview my design book to view murals that we have previously sketched and painted; or you can bring your own visions to the drawing board! Either way, we will help create a special ”one of a kind” masterpiece for your location!

Every mural is hand painted with no stencils involved.
They can be small murals, over the window or
above doorway designs, complete rooms and even ceilings!

Just a few areas that can become
masterpieces with mural art are:

Children's Rooms
Rooms in residents
(kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, sauna’s, etc)
Commercial Murals
(doctor offices, dentists, restaurants, school rooms, etc)
Trompe l'oeil Effects
(special “deceive the eye” illusions)
Moveable Art
(specialty wood art that can be moved)
Custom Designed Afghans
(perfect complement to your special room)
One of a kind oil paintings

I also offer face painting art for parties!