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The Barn
After the Diagnosis
Three Guys
Fighting Demons
I Love You - Still
The Final Hour
The Oil Pourer
For Dad
For Mom
Studio Pose
The Kiss
Pride and Vanity
Some of my paintings are based off of images found in advertising or from other artists
" An Art Education" 
inspired by an unknown artist's, 
" Unfinished Education".
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Lac Lawrann Maurin Center Pavilion Front Sign
Maple and Walnut hand sculpted Figure with copper
Competition entry for Washington County Nature Conservancy Fund Raising Event.

Great Blue Heron: Various hard woods, with mixed media accents, then painted and applied to a wood base.  

Pictured in its storage case
A Vintage Hydrant as a Dalmation
Embellished Fireman's Helmet for a Pearl Harbor Event  

and some Firemen honoree Axes
The Nature of Things:

an embellished chair of our small world from core to outer space