Art is not only painting. 
Below are examples of what happens when carpentry skills and art merge.

Specialty Items and Other Mediums
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Natural black walnut and hard rock maple
Breaking Free - Butternut, Maple, Black Walnut and Oak, with Cast Aluminum and acrylic
Crucifixion and Torment are roto zip cut hardboard with accents of rope, burlap and plank
Pediment -  A multi-media product inspired by The seven deadly sins and The seven virtues, it is based upon Greek Pedimental art and Archaic Greek pottery paintings
Self Portrait / A Time Line
A Zip Cut piece, it is a snap shot of my life and its important events
Floral Piece - Wood
Made from scraps , it is layered wood and latex paint cut with the zip saw
Sex Triplets - Wood and Paint, depicts three sexually based images and shows how the same image can have different appearances
Tree with Birds Bookshelve 
Primary Egyptian Gods
Crafted from walnut and butternut
Two antique chairs refurbished 
          into artwork!
A new home for my 
Camaro Collection.

Made from Mahogany and 
using the front bumper from 
my former 1973 Chevrolet Caprice as inspiration for the design, it was quite a project as I used new woodworking tools for the first time.

It features LED running lights in the Crown, Puck lighting inside the cabinet main area and blue stained glass lighting in the Art Deco corner detailing. along with illuminated signal lights below
Custom Built Children's Tree  House